Wear a story, bring a poem, give away a fairytale!

Creators of SASH clothing line have launched a clothing line & accessories for babies, girls, boys and teenagers with printed designer illustrations which represent the works of the most famous, both Serbian and international, children’s authors.

We have decided to breathe life into the characters from moral stories that nurture true values and have been retold throughout generations.

The children and teenagers clothes & accessories manufacturing process is based on the work of domestic businesses, from tailoring and sewing to printing, packaging, and, of course, designing. The entire process is in accordance with the “Proudly made in Serbia” concept.

How do you wear a childhood?

Colorful, tender, soft, comfortable… With songs, fairytales and stories… Jovan Jovanović Zmaj, Andersen, Grimm brothers and other geniuses with famous characters from their works are parts of every childhood.

We recognize them on fairytale book covers, on poetry book pages and we feel glad every time we see them.

Now the fairies, princesses and princes, little horseman, the ducklings in school and all the other characters from memorable poems and stories have moved to the soft cotton which was used to make wonderful clothes & accessories for babies, girls, boys and teenagers.

Why are SASH children’s clothes special?

SASH children and teenagers clothing & accessories protect delicate and sensitive children skin by using 100% top-quality cotton and illustrations in water based print (eco print); also it develops and enriches imagination. The following link will show you the certificate for water based printing used for our products.

We have the idea of boys and girls joyfully playing in nature, wearing our products with famous verses that they recite and retell fairytales and fables.

We wish the stories and poems, which are a symbol of every childhood, now to be presented in a different way, to instantly put a smile on every face and to enrich the joy of growing up.

How was our logo created?

Meet Tanzgia, a crocodile that has lost his tale. How? Why? The secret was revealed by a five-year-old Sergej, the author of the original drawing which was used as a trademark for SASH children’s clothing.

The story of Tanzgia

Once upon a time there was a terrifying crocodile who liked to stand and enjoy nature. He had its long and beautiful tale. He was very proud of it. His name was Tanzgia. Tanzgia liked to eat a lot of candy, which made him colorful.

One beautiful summer, Tanzgia decided to eat as much candy as he could. He ate so much that he didn’t even notice he had fallen asleep. While he was asleep, a mouse called Micy Spicy snuck up on him. Micy Spicy was hungry like a wolf and decided to steal Tanzgia’s tale, take it home and cook it for lunch.

Suddenly, Tanzgia woke up, turned and saw that his tale was missing. He got up angrily and started looking for it. By then, Micy Spicy had gone but he didn’t realize that the crocodile’s tale had slipped from his hands. The mouse turned once again and saw that he had lost Tanzgia’s tale. Serious and furious, he came home and told his mother: “Mum, no lunch for us today, I lost the crocodile’s tale!”

Meet the creator of SASH children’s clothing