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Why Bazaars are important gathering place and how SASH enjoys in them?

With Square of entrepreneurship we are already real friends. Such friendship could be seen and felt on the First Spring night bazaar at Novi Sad. It was cheerful, gleeful, with lot of laughter, singing and fun, and that certainly is not possible without good initial idea and organisation.

We knew that even earlier, but on that April 27 at Fish market we have definitely realized why we love to be a part of entrepreneurship community which gathers together is such way. Exactly that kind of impression we want to share with you.

When you have an idea and want to create a business from such idea, then you nurture and keep such idea almost as a child. You grow it, work on it and prepare it for letting it into the world. And we that happens, the reactions are different, and for some of reactions you are not prepared. Also, you are not either prepared for all challenges which may occur on such entrepreneurship path.

Then the Bazaars are the real place of exchange, but not only of goods and money, but also of energy, experiences, exchange of ideas and good intentions.

Lot of friends which we have met on the Bazaars helped us with their advises and stories how to avoid or improve something because they have already experienced that.


When such positive energy is underway which is spread across the fish market, it was enjoyable for us to present our products. To those who did not know we have told that our products are made of best cotton, that are printed with ecological paint and that our characters are unique, created exclusively for SASH.


We have introduced our little SASH friends with characters from baby bodies Bear and Fox, Sleepy Cat and Dancing Reindeer.



We have shown SASH pillows to mammies and grannies so they could provide the cosiest and most imaginative place for dreaming. And, of, course, no bazaar can pass without ballerina girls. Some of them have overgrown their Little ballerina so they came for the new ones.

And because of all that we invite you to visit also the 6th Novi Sad night bazaar, which shall be held on June 01 at Fish market so that together with us you can contribute to that good vibe. We are already preparing for it, have put or smiles on and waiting!


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