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To the forthcoming Christmas holidays – SASH at Novi Sad’s night bazaar

Our dear friends from Entrepreneurship square  has, once again, showed how good and dedicated we are in our business of promotion the exceptional and unique products and different entrepreneurship ideas.

As we hoped, everybody were at the Novi Sad’s night bazaar held on December 08. We had our smiles and good spirits with us and of course all the cheerful SASH friends.

The things for which this Bazaar was different from others is occasion and entertainment. At the event itself the prices were shared, the humanitarian action was organized and the concert which attracted many visitors and certainly the great spirit.

The SASH sales point was decorated with our products and balloons and we were ready for interaction. We had chat with old friends on new undertakings, and with new friends on our products. Hearing that the products are made from best cotton, that the products are printed with ecologically aware colours and that out characters are unique, created only for SASH.

We were mostly delighted with the babies, which tried with their playful little hands to reach out for some of our friends from baby shirts, the Bear and the Fox, the Sleepy Cat or the Dancing Reindeers.

Mommies and grandmothers were interested for SASH pillows to whom is important that their little ones sleep carefree and peacefully, but also develop imagination just as on our illustration.

And as always the ballerinas’ have visited us, the ones which wants to become one, and as well the other who fantasise about that while cheerfully carry our Little Ballerina. And also many other friends with whom we have shared beautiful moments.

And for all you who did not make to the Novi Sad’s night bazaar, we invite  to find the way to buy the Christmas holidays gifts for this year from little entrepreneur.  They create by their own hands or  transfer their ideas into unique products and care about quality, environment and on each other. We know that our friends from Bazaar, as well as SASH care about quality, especially for those products which are created for our little ones.

And while you think how and with whom you will cheer during Christmas holidays, SASH team is sending kind regards to you.

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