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Four exciting days in Belgrade – SASH company at the Catapult festival

Recently, we had a chance to spend four days with old and new members of the SASH company at the Catapult festival in Belgrade.

In Delta City shopping mall’s hall, from 18th to 21st of May, we exhibited all of the SASH products and were ready to meet new people.

This is our first display in Belgrade.

With the Belgrade part of our community we always had a great online communication, but this was the first opportunity to greet them in person, and for them to actually see our products.

We admit that we were encouraged by conversations with other Catapult visitors, as well. They were delighted by the fact that we showed original illustrations in a different way and moved them to new places.

SASH heroes were received well, and we are pleased that all products got equal attention, because our goal is for everyone to find something for themselves or for their loved ones.

We sold as much pillows as we did bags or boys’ and girls’ T-shirts, and were always ready to help if a customer was wondering which bodysuit to buy for a newborn.

We very much enjoyed those sweet dilemmas about which SASH product to buy, and in telling our customers about how our idea originated and was realized, about the manufacturing process, and work quality, which, for us, always comes first.

Meeting new people at Delta City was a great experience, both when it comes to visitors and fellow exhibitors.

Experience exchange, business advice while talking about domestic brands and new contacts are extremely valuable, when it comes to both beginners in product placement or those with years of experience.

Because we want the SASH community to grow and our fairytale to continue, we will use every opportunity to exhibit out products, not only in Belgrade and Novi Sad, but in other Serbian towns, as well.

Pure chance and good experience will soon bring us back to Belgrade!

On 10th of June we will be at Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic Cultural Center, where Lilihypster Maxi market will take place.

Follow the news at our social networks’ profiles and our website. Soon, we will tell you all about the new exhibition.

Your SASH team.

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