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Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to pay using debit / credit cards and which?

For now it is not possible to pay using debit / credit cards. This method of payment will soon be available.

Is postage included in the price?

Postage not included. The products are delivered in their original packaging by Post Express and their services are charged by current price list. For every order that exceeds 3500 RSD postage is included.

Do you deliver outside Serbia?

Currently, we do not deliver outside Serbia. We hope this service will soon be available.

What is the delivery period?

Delivery period is five days or less since the day the order is placed.

How do I know that the package will arrive?

You will receive an e-mail with the number of the package, and, immediately before delivery, the courier will contact you by telephone to make sure it is convenient for you to receive the package.

I have ordered a wrong product. How do I cancel the order?

An order can be canceled within 30 minutes after confirmation or by sending an e-mail to store@sash.rs.


Is it possible to exchange damaged goods and how?

There is a way to return the merchandise you are not satisfied with. In case you notice that the merchandise does not match what you have ordered, or if there are some irregularities with your account, it would be best if you could, within 24 hours from receiving the delivery, contact us by e-mail or telephone and tell us about the problem you have. We will make sure to respond and send replacing items as soon as we can.

Please, during delivery, check the package in front of the courier. In case the package is damaged (it has dents or rips), you should not take the package. Contact us by telephone or e-mail at store@sashstory.com and tell us about the reasons you did not take the package. We will make sure to notify you about all the subsequent steps, as soon as we can.

Owners of sash.rs reserve the right to not accept the returned merchandise if it is determined that the goods were used.

Is it possible to exchange products?

In case the product’s size or model is not suitable, it is possible to exchange an item for another, if we have it in stock.

How do I know that I have placed an order in a correct manner?

Upon ordering, you will receive an e-mail with a voucher and make sure everything will be where it should in time.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

No big deal. Click “Sign in / Register” and you will find a “Forgot password” button. After that you should type in the e-mail address you used while registering and we will send you a link that will help you to reset your password.