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Our first adventure – SASH crew at ArtSCAPE winter market in Novi Sad

For days now we have been enjoying the good mood that started on February 11th, when SASH clothes for babies, girls and boys first appeared on ArtScape winter market which took place in Firchie Think Tank Studio in Novi Sad.

Actually, we were already in a good mood during the very preparations for our first display.

All the bodysuits for babies, T-shirts for boys and girls, as well as small surprise presents were carefully packed in special SASH wrappers and we were eagerly waiting for the first visitors to arrive.

The atmosphere at ArtScape winter market was positive from the very start with exhibitors meeting each other, looking round, and sharing experiences.

Both visitors and fellow exhibitors found SASH characters especially interesting.

Broad smiles could be seen on the faces of people who would stop by our stand, because our Playful Reindeer, Witty Moon, Little Magician, Little Ballerina and all the other SASH characters were purposely positioned to invite for a fun time and a talk.

The SASH crew was complete when we were joined by Sašenjka Meljnikov Ivanović, the illustrator, graphic designer and creator of our fairytale that continues.

Diverse and interesting winter market’s program was heating up and the crowd at the SASH stand was getting bigger and bigger.

Visitors loved the idea of presenting the characters and scenes from poems, stories and fairytales in a different manner – by moving them to the soft cotton of children’s clothing.

There were parents with little kids who loved the illustrations at first sight; young couples would come by wishing to put smiles on their little relatives’ faces by buying them interesting presents; we spent time with everyone who recognized the true and everlasting values of creating for children.

Although we were excited and busy, we managed to find time to be a part of a TV program at Radio Television of Vojvodina, which will soon be aired.

A lot of SASH characters went away from us that day. The buyers chose carefully; we packed the products nicely and, along with a small surprise present, sent them to their new little owners.

We are waiting to see and say hi to some cheerful boy in Giddyup, Giddyup T-shirt, to a girl with the What a Wonderful World illustration, to a smiling baby with Marry Bee, or to any joyful child wearing SASH clothes.

We are looking forward to some new displays, meeting and having fun with new people, because we enjoy talking to those who recognize our enthusiasm and energy of the SASH idea.

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